Technology in Education

Technology in schools has really grown since I was a student.  I have two minors in education, so I have been in schools throughout my years at WCU.  I have recently been in an elementary school for my one educational psychology class, and every classroom I was in used a ton of technology. Every classroom in the school has a smart board.  Every classroom in my high school had smartboards, but most of the teachers didn’t know how to use them properly.  They would just sit there as a reminder of how taxpayer money is being wasted.  Now, teachers are much better with them.  Young students get excited to go up and write on the smartboard.  In the kindergarten classroom I observed, students would use it to practice writing letters with an app after they were finished with their assignments.  In the educational support classroom I was in, the students would get excited to play learning games on the computer during their free time.  I think that certain learners are better when they can go off on their own and use a computer.  Information is more accessible because of technology.  I know for me, I looked forward to high school more when I had a web design or digital imaging class.  Things like that were fun to me, and got me excited.  

I think where technology hurts learning is that it creates worse writers and readers.  Like the “Is Google making us stupid?” article, we learn to skim.  I know I never read textbooks(although I think that also has to do with educational exhaustion and workload in all courses).  I also think that when people are texting and tweeting all day, they become lazier writers.  They get used to using bad grammar and writing fast, therefore it carries over to their formal writing.  There is a running joke with a lot of the people that I follow on twitter that sports writers don’t write anything anymore.  Instead, they manually retweet other reporters adding a “wow” or “oh” at the front.  While this is different than learning, I think it is a good representation on how technology is making us think and work less in certain ways.

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