History Blogging

The three blogs I chose to follow included Teaching History, History in the City and picture this.  I have a lot of blogs that I keep track of, mostly for football.  Even though I am thoroughly aware of blogging, I never really considered how it is used as a history medium.  I learned a lot about how history is becoming more digitized, and how historians keep up with technology.  I also learned more about how history is taught.

Teaching History intrigued me because, as a former perspective teacher, I took so many education classes that I always am interested in way that teachers incorporate material.  This blog, however, didn’t post throughout this semester,  However, when I read it at the beginning of the semester, I thought the posts were very interesting.  One article talked about incorporating student primary sources into education so that students are learning through their peers’ perspectives.  Another post told the story of a teacher who brought students to a university campus to teach them how to use primary sources.  That teacher had the students learn through the primary sources and create an exhibition about Milwaukee civil rights.  I am always terrified that our country is becoming way too test-oriented, so I thoroughly enjoyed learning about some of the great ways teachers taught their students to learn.

History in the City caught my eye initially because of its unique setup.  I have never seen a blog organized in this way, where the stories are all titled in boxes.  Then I read some of the articles about teaching, writing and history.  A lot of it had interesting concepts about integrating technology and digitizing history.  It had many different articles about using social media with history, revising wikipedia articles, and had different info-graphs..  I had no idea what some of the articles were talking about, but the ones that I did were very interesting.

Picture this was really neat because it focused on photographs that contained history and interesting stories.  Even if I wasn’t that interested by the title, usually the picture got my attention that I still wanted to read about it.  They described the ongoings in the picture and followed up with links to learn more about the topic.  On articles of topics I thought were especially interesting, I found myself surfing the links reading up more on the topic(such as the March On Washington post and the Revolutionary War post)

I think blogs are a great way to get information on the internet.  I think it is interesting to learn what historians know and think about certain subjects.  I think a downide of history blogs is it is difficult to build up a following of readers.  Most of these blogs are very particular subjects, and don’t have mass appeal.  However, I think they are a great way to reach the people that would want to read them.

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