I learned so much in this class.  I know a lot of people in the course have been in many more history classes than I have.  I took it because I am a web technology major.  This class taught be a lot about how computers are used for information purposes.  The world is ever-changing, and the way people access information seems like it changes every few years.  A couple of my favorite topics were crowdsourcing and wikipedia.  I use wikipedia daily, and it was really interesting to learn what goes into the up-keeping of the website.  I found crowdsourcing to be really neat, although I found it underused.  I think the importance of digital history can’t be understated.  To think about how quickly news has become primarily digital, the same thing is happening to historical ideas.  Digitizing history makes it more available to more people.  It is easier to access a website than it is to visit a library.  It also makes history available in various types of media.  If I was going to change anything about the class, maybe I would do more hands-on with some of the things we learned about.  I am just being picky however, I really enjoyed what we learned about. I like how much conversation we had, and the blog posts by the class led to good conversations.

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